A Different World

I’ve been thinking a lot about how pop culture connects us. When it comes to books, TV, movies, music, food, theater – we all seem to be able to have conversations about our different interpretations of these things. These conversations not only intertwine us and provide perspective, but makes us happy. It makes us feel … More A Different World

Low Lights

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I was recently telling a friend how I write better in sadness and confusion… and while I have been in a constant state of trying to “figure it all out,” I haven’t felt sadness in a while. I have been stressed, though. Stressed because I’m on the … More Low Lights

Lady in a Glass Dress

I wrote this September 4, 2016… still relevant…   I’m not sure when everyone got together and decided that transparency equaled weakness but it’s getting frustrating – or rather, uncomfortable to continue to try to fit in that box with everyone else. We’ve been so conditioned these days to think that we have to have … More Lady in a Glass Dress


I brought in my birthday at an airport. The first song I listened to was “Who Gon Stop Me” followed by “Illest MotherF***er Alive”, “4:44”, and “Unbelievable” by Biggie. I listened to “Unbelievable” 12 times before starting the album from the beginning, 12 times before boarding the plane, 12 times before meeting Rahul. Rahul and … More Unbelievable

Runaway Love

Whenever I’m traveling by train or by bus I think about my grandpa.  If you know my grandpa or have ever heard me talk about the always preachin’ William Tump McDowell, then you also know that he not only loves to talk but has lived a bit of an interesting life.  I was on my … More Runaway Love


I have been breaking down a lot lately. literally breaking down. God has been sending me so many signs, they’ve been all over the place and every time I read it, see it, hear it, whatever, I find myself face in hands BAWLING …like ugly crying. I can’t remember a time I’ve cried this much. … More Breakdown

Things Fall Apart

Thursday night I took an epson salt and lavender bath. The universe hit me with some major stress that I wasn’t ready for and it was the only way I knew to cope and clear my mind. I soaked in the water for what felt like hours praying, breathing deep, and meditating. I stepped out … More Things Fall Apart

Take Care

I can still smell the scent of your cologne under my nose as if I were laying on your chest right now. I was walking down the street, headphones in, shopping bags in hand, headed to my apartment when you bumped into me. It was weird, but the memory is vivid. You stopped me, asked … More Take Care