Lose You

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed.

The details of my life in the past three weeks have left me feeling both raw and confused. Unexpected shifts have left me to question people’s motives and intentions. I’m in a space where no one is to be trusted and everyone is either to be questioned or removed.

I am drowning. In tears and distrust.

I don’t like this feeling.

In one of my darkest times, I’ve been making myself available to people who I’ve had to open my eyes and realize they don’t value me the way I do them.

I find myself reaching out to no response. Needing a shoulder, an ear to no response. Checking on people’s well being, often…to no response.

When I openly expressed how depressed I’d been, people still found ways to unload their problems… bypassing a simple “are you okay?” for a “here’s my problem, please solve it for me.”

So many people taking… so many people unwilling to give.

I am sinking though I know how to swim.

I am drained.

I am exhausted.

I am hurt.

I am over it all.

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