Lady in a Glass Dress

I wrote this September 4, 2016… still relevant…


I’m not sure when everyone got together and decided that transparency equaled weakness but it’s getting frustrating – or rather, uncomfortable to continue to try to fit in that box with everyone else.

We’ve been so conditioned these days to think that we have to have it all – that we have to have it all together and when we don’t, we feel like it’s better to pretend than to just be our true selves.

But when you’re alone and there’s no one around to pretend to – are you depressed? Unhappy? Exhausted? Are you struggling internally with what you’ve created and have to exert energy to keep up with?

The truth is, even the people who seemingly have it all together are pretending. We’re putting on smiles to hide pain, loneliness, uncertainty, doubt, and lack of direction – parading around building walls and masking it as strength.

I’ve always done this. I’m currently doing this.

It’s exhausting.

But I’m trying to teach myself that transparency doesn’t have to mean that my emotions have to be my downfall.

Release is good.

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