Runaway Love

Whenever I’m traveling by train or by bus I think about my grandpa. 

If you know my grandpa or have ever heard me talk about the always preachin’ William Tump McDowell, then you also know that he not only loves to talk but has lived a bit of an interesting life. 

I was on my way to Union Station when I got to thinking about the anxiety I experience after staying in one place too long. The desire I have to move around a lot, I believe comes from him. 

He’s lived in many different places. 

He tells me the same stories every time I see him, and I’m never tired of them. He loves to tell me about his time living in Philly and taking the train to NJ everyday for work and sometimes into NY for play. 

Whenever I’m on a train or bus, I think about those stories. I think about our shared love of city life and peace. 

A juxtaposition. 

I imagine the life he lived. 

I wonder what he thought about sitting on those trains, peering out those windows.

Where was he in life…

What did he feel on the inside?

Was he anxious and ready to run far like me?

Was he in love?

As these thoughts swirl through my mind, I make a note to ask the most important question…

Did you feel free?


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